A new report finds about a quarter of University of California students, faculty, and staff members have had negative experiences on campus.  

The Campus Climate survey of those on the ten-campus U.C. system found nearly 25 percent of those surveyed had gone through some sort of exclusionary, intimidating, bullying or offensive situation on campus.  

U.C. officials say they are concerned about the reports of discrimination and isolation on U.C. campuses. About six percent of undergraduates also say they've experienced unwanted sexual contact in the past five years. The report found 73 percent of U.C. undergrads felt comfortable or very comfortable in their classes.

The report was commissioned after several incidents of racial and religious bias on U.C. campuses in 2010. In one instance, an off-campus party held by U.C. San Diego students was said to have mocked African-Americans with racial slurs. That same year, spray-painted and carved swastikas were found scattered around the U.C. Davis campus.