An Orangevale woman thinks she has discovered the mystery behind the mysterious flying objects spotted on New Years Eve, and Cathy Adams told News 10 it fell right on her front lawn,

"I actually found it on New Year's morning, and I didn't know what it was, I'd never seen anything like it before."

It turned out to be a floating Chinese lantern.   Adams said she put two-and-two together after seeing news reports.

"There was a guy on there who had actually drawn a picture of what he saw and he drew a circular thing that he made, like cross lines in, which I thought, 'well there they are right there' and here's the circular part, and it was shaped, egg shaped," Adams described.

The problem with the lantern is that they need fire to float up into the sky and fire officials say that if it lands in the wrong spot, the results could be devastating.

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