An agreement between Ukraine's president and the opposition is taking effect.  That's supposed to end deadly protests in the streets of Kiev, which is good news for Sacramentans with Ukrainian ties.

One of the first things done by Ukraine's new parliament was a vote to allow release of jailed opposition figure Yulia Tymoshenko.  This is what Lubow Jowa, President of the Ukrainian Hertitage Club of Northern California, wants to see.  She also wants Ukraine's president held accountable for violence against protestors.

"People had been detained, people had been killed, and I really feel that these crimes are his responsibility," Jowa said.

The country's new parliament has voted to remove the interior minister.  He's been blamed for ordering police attacks on protesters.

The White House is giving a thumbs-up to the plan to end deadly violence in Ukraine.

Whether or not the deal will hold isn't clear.  Protestors booed opposition figures who took the stage in Independence Square to present the plan.

President Viktor Yanukovych has agreed to give up some powers and bring the opposition into the government.

President Obama spoke with Russian President Putin about this,

"Russia's efforts on behalf of creating the ceasefire and these agreements were obviously welcome," said Press Secretary Jay Carney.

The deal does stop short of the protestors' main demand, Yanukovych's immediate departure.

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