Sept. 30, 2013 - Unionized nurses took the picket line at three major Kaiser Hospitals in Northern California. Pictured above are nurses picketing at Kaiser Sacramento Medical Center. 

A work action took place at a three major Kaiser Hospitals in Northern California today, including at Kaiser Sacramento Medical Center.

Unionized nurses hit the picket line claiming Kaiser Hospitals are putting patients at risk. Catherine Kennedy is a registered nurse and director with the California Nurses Association.

"Over the last year, there have been many times when there has been incidences of unsafe patient care," Kennedy said. 

In response, Kaiser Sacramento's Chief Nursing Officer Clement Miller says healthcare is evolving.

"We are focusing on our quality, we are focusing on prevention, and what's that's done is led to less patients in the hospital at any given time. Which means we now need to move with the patients, and we need to make sure we're providing care where they need the care, it might not always be the hospital," Miller said. 

Picketers also demonstrated at Kaiser Hospitals in Oakland and Modesto.