Los Angeles police responded to shots fired at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday morning, officials said. One TSA employee is dead and another TSA agent is injured, according to CBS News. 

CBS News confirms that the suspect is in custody at this time and has been identified as 23-year-old Paul Ciancia. 

Los Angeles officials just wrapped up a news conference at Los Angeles International Airport, where they said a lone gunman, presumed to be Ciancia opened fire and started shooting at Terminal B.

Airport Police Chief Patrick Gannon said the gunman pulled a gun out of a bag in the security area at Terminal B and opened fire. Officials say it was an AR 15 semi-automatic rifle. 

Gannon reported multiple injuries -- seven people have been treated and six taken to local hospitals.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti told travelers NOT to go to LAX as the area is very difficult to get into. 

100 LA firefighters are on scene providing support. 

Federal officials are disputing the claim that the gunman was a former or current TSA officer. 

CBS reported that the gunman was dressed in camouflage. Preliminary indications are that he was targeting TSA employees. 

Terminal 3 and 2 were both evacuated. A medical triage wasn set up inside the airport and emergency crews flooded the scene. Officials have swept the airport and deemed it safe at this time. 

Terry Marks-Tarlow was inside at the time. She didn't hear the shots but witnessed the panic.

"All of the sudden, everybody started to run and panic and said, 'run, run run!'" she said. 

All traffic going into the airport has stopped and the freeways are backed up. 

Flights between Sacramento International Airport and LAX have been delayed indefinitely at this point. Check the flight schedule. 

See PHOTOS from the incident.

No word on how long LAX will remain closed.

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