The woman at the center of Donald Sterling's downfall has aspirations beyond scandal.

"One day I will become president of the United States of America," she said. 

In an impromptu moment caught outside of a Los Angeles restaurant last night, V. Stiviano told paparazzi she plans to become president of the United States someday.

Drowned out by traffic noise, she's heard saying something about changing laws and the civil rights movement.  

Stiviano is the woman heard on the revealing recording that outed the racist views of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling over the weekend and led to his banishment from the NBA.  

She is also at the center of a lawsuit filed by Sterling's wife, who says Stiviano targeted and seduced her husband, acquiring plenty of expensive gifts along the way.

Rochelle Sterling wants it all back.

Stiviano's attorney denies Stiviano was in a romantic relationship with Sterling or that she played any role in leaking their recorded conversations to the media.