As the Phoenix VA hospital scandal gets worse, the VA Northern California Health Care System says it is listening and learning.

Tara Ricks, the public affairs officer for VA Northern California, said three main goals have come out of the audit after the VA scandal. 

"Well the first one is to really communicate with that front line staff, to make sure they understand the ethical practices of the scheduling processes," she said.  

Ricks says while the system has always been tracking the goals, they are now a top priority.

"The second is, having the best access that we can possibly have," she said. 

And Ricks says it's important to note that VA Northern California covers 11 sites of care, that's an area of coverage from Oakland to Yreka, not just Sacramento. 

"And the third, is to identify factors that may interfere with the scheduler's ability to facilitate timely care for our veterans," Ricks said.