Mayor Kevin Johnson is taking a role in the controversy surrounding racial comments reportedly said by the owner of the L.A. Clippers.  

Johnson, acting as a representative of the NBA Players Union, appeared at a press conference at the Golden State-L.A. Clippers playoff game Sunday.  Johnson said it was important for the players to have a voice in the controversy swirling around racially biased statements made by Clippers owner Donald Sterling.  

"I think all of us in hear understand the gravity of moment. The significance of the alleged comments, and I felt it was extremely important for the players to have a voice that will bring them together, and then to allow the players who are currently playing to focus on basketball, and I believe we can do both," said Johnson.

Racist allegation have dogged Sterling. In the past, Sterling was the target of legal action by the federal government over charges of discrimination by not renting to prospective African-American and Hispanic tenants.

Magic Johnson is saying the days of Donald Sterling's ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers are numbered.

"He's gotta give up the team. Nobody's gonna want to play for the Clippers ever again," Johnson stated frankly.

Sources tell Yahoo! Sports that Hall of Famer Johnson is very interested in purchasing the franchise from Sterling. The NBA could help forge a deal for Sterling to sell the team to Johnson and Mark Walter of the Guggenheim Partners, who also own the Los Angeles Dodgers.  

courtesy of News 10