Washington's governor is asking President Obama to declare the state's huge mudslide a major disaster.  Governor Jay Inslee is making the request so private individuals will be eligible for federal aid.  Inslee is also asking for funeral expenses for "up to 48 people," even though only 27 have been declared dead. 

The mudslide in a rural area about an hour north of Seattle destroyed 25 homes and left five more uninhabitable.  Twelve more homes are damaged.  The slide killed at least two-dozen people.  Snohomish County officials on Monday released a list of 22 people they have identified as missing.  

Meanwhile, the Seattle Seahawks are helping to boost morale for the families and victims affected by the massive mudslide.

"To able to offer a little bit of release or a distraction from what's going on, that's all you can do.  We're just trying to help people as much as we can, and this is our way," said linebacker Malcom Smith.

Smith met with kids and community members in Darrington.  Jacob Spelman is a Seahawks' fan.

"...but I do feel really bad for what happened and all this stuff.  It's just...sad," he said.

Players with the Seattle Sounders were also there.

The teams are encouraging people to donate to the Red Cross.

Ed Crane and Amy Lewis spoke with CBS correspondent Stephan Futterman live from Snohomish County Tuesday morning: