A video released by Republican Tim Donnelly about why he wants to be governor is getting laughs, but will it get votes? 

"You know, I love this state. I came here with $300 bucks in my pocket, married the sexiest woman in California, I raised five sons and started my own business. That's the California dream," Donnelly said in the video. 

With that, Donnelly kicks off his campaign to become the next governor of California. With conservative Maria Conchita Alonzo translating into Spanish, Donnelly haphazardly introduces himself to voters.

"I want a gun in every Californian's gun safe, I want the government out of our businesses and our bedrooms, I want to bring the film industry back where she belongs -- Hollywood," Donnelly says in the video. 

The choppy stream of conscious, tongue-in-cheek effort seems like it belongs on the "Colbert Report" rather than "Nightline."

If it pays off, Donnelly could have a grassroots hit on his hands. If not, its a misfire that will likely sink his gubernatorial dreams if not his career.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly quoted Donnelly as saying "$500" instead of "$300," regarding the amount of money he brought to California.