Water Districts throughout the state are already looking forward to the rainy season and hoping to capture water for customers but right now they don't know if they legally can. 

State and Federal Officials last month asked regulators to allow open flows out of many lakes and reservoirs to keep water flows up for fish and wildlife resources. But water districts who are not capturing water during this dry summer are wondering when they can start.

"Their order doesn't have an end date and our concern is we need some certainty from the regulators about when this curtailment is going to end," Andrew Fecko Director of Resource Development of the Placer County Water Agency said. 

Fecko says on a typical year according to their water rights the date for PCWA is November 1st. Higher in the Sierra it is as early as October 1st. But that may not be the case this year.  

"There's absolutely the thread of fine over our head, we try to abide by the rules the state puts out but the important thing is to have some certainty on when we can start diverting so we know when we are legal again and at that point we'll do everything we can to store as much water as possible," 

Fecko says many water Districts have sent letters to the state water board asking for a hard date but no word yet.