The water outflow at Folsom Lake Marina has been increased and the lake is now dropping over a half a foot a day.  

While it won't have an effect on your ability to enjoy the lake, slip renters will soon need to remove their boats.

The water level at Folsom Lake dipped below 414 feet earlier today and, with about 1,000 more cubic feet per second now flowing out, it will soon drop below 412 feet, the level when slip owners will have to pull their boats from the water.

"It will still be possible to hook onto their trailer and launch their boat just like anybody else in the public. But as far as being able to walk down the stairs, step on your boat, and go boating -- they won't be able to do that," Assistant Manager Keith Wooten said. 

Wooton says the level will not prevent anyone from coming out to enjoy a day on the water.

"It's still possible to come boating at Folsom Lake, there's no speed restrictions, it's still a very large lake," he said. 

Wooten says most boat owners are highly aware of the requirement and will be removing their vessels within the coming days.