West Sacramento Police are being targeted in a federal civil lawsuit. 

Attorney Kevin Hughey claims West Sacramento Police responded with excessive force to a July 2012 domestic disturbance call at his home.

In an exclusive interview with News10, Hughey says rookie officer Christopher Wright shot him without cause.

"I realized someone was actually kicking in the door. I stepped back to get out of the way of the door as it flung open. I immediately saw an officer with his gun drawn and I started to put my hands up, and before I could even move he shot me," Hughey said. 

Now Hughey is suing the West Sac Police Department over the shooting at another incident at his home just two months ago, claiming his family is the target of retaliation over the initial incident.

Hughey's suit names the department, a top ranking lieutenant and Christopher Wright, who was dismissed from the department over the 2012 shooting.