So, you've just been in a traffic accident and your car comes to rest in the middle of the highway.  

Should you move out of the roadway or wait for police to arrive?

If the accident is minor, with no one visibly injured or complaining of injury, there's no need to wait for authorities before moving your vehicle.

"We want to see people moving to the shoulder or off the freeway. It's not only the safest thing to do, but it is also the the law," CHP Officer Julie Brown said. 

Moving your vehicle won't hamper investigators, she said. 

"They're going to use the physical evidence, the damage to the vehicles, the party's statements, witness statements to establish the circumstances that led up to that collision," Brown said. 

Once you get to the shoulder, you can exchange insurance information with the other driver, or just wait in your car with your seat belt on and wait for officers to arrive.

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