Is the question more water storage or better management of our water resources in California? 

"I think it's gonna take both. You got a water system for 20 million and we have 36 or 37 million," Assemblyman Dan Logue said. 

Logue is taking fellow Legislators on a tour of what would be the Sites Reservoir in Colusa County. 

"30 percent of it will be used to flush the Delta, to keep the salt level down. It's great for the environment, it's great for the economy and the farming and ag industry. It's a lifesaver is what it is," Logue said. 

Logue hopes his colleagues will see the potential of the site and vote for the water bond, if not at the current $11 billion that many say is too much to pass, then a modified version that would still include the Sites Reservoir.

The reservoir would begin providing water to local residents and farms in seven to nine years.