Newer cars come equipped with GPS and computers that send out all sorts of data like where you drive, and how fast. But what happens with all that information?

A bill introduced Tuesday is looking to answer that very question.

AAA Spokeswoman Alice Bisno says automakers have been collecting data from our vehicles.

"And the law is really silent over who has the right to direct that data to third parties. The law is silent as to what kind of control the car owner has as to how that information is used," Bisno said. 

In an emailed response, the Alliance for Automobile Manufacturers says AAA is supporting this bill so they could have "access to driving behavior relevant to its insurance business."

Bisno says that would be illegal.

"California law is very clear, information about how a car is driven, where a car is driven can't be used for rate-making purposes," Bisno said. 

She says the only information AAA can use is how many miles a year a vehicle is driven.