Gov. Jerry Brown is set to deliver his State of the State address Wednesday at the Capitol.

California's economy will be among the hot topics in the speech. When the governor unveiled his proposed budget plan a few weeks ago, the subject of new taxes came up.

"There's all sorts of things you can think of taxing, and as soon as you do that, you'll find more ways to spend that, and it's a cycle upward.  We do have to live within some limits, and I think we're at that limit at least for now," the Governor stated.

Brown also urged state lawmakers to hold down spending,

"There's some folks who are saying, 'It's time to occupy high ground, create new programs,' and I say, 'Wait a minute. Let's learn the lessons of the last decade where it was just one deficit after another,'" he implored. 

The State of the State address is scheduled for 9:00 Wednesday morning.  

You can hear it live on NewsRadio KFBK 93.1 FM and AM 1530, or catch it here at