A whistleblower testified Friday morning about cover-ups at CalTrans regarding construction concerns over the new span of the Bay Bridge.

At a state senate committee hearing Friday, Caltrans Engineer Mike Morgan said he pointed out welding defects and later noticed that safety reports were being falsified.

"After the falsifications were discovered it quickly became apparent to me that the problem was being kept secret and either ignored or covered up," he testified.

A state senate report released Wednesday detailed the concerns, and allegations surrounding the lapses in quality control.  Morgan says once he realized no one was taking action, he went public.

"The problem is that people involved are hiding behind attorneys and CalTrans has not vigorously persued the honest answers.  It's as if CalTrans is okay with not knowing the answers," said Morgan.

James Merrill, an inspector hired for the project, also testified that concerns were ignored by Caltrans.