We're learning more about the other high-profile arrest in the sting that netted Senator Yee.  The crime boss Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow has been in and out of prison since the 70's and has been convicted on murder for hire, racketeering, drug and firearm charges.

The 54-year-old, who sports a full body dragon tattoo from prison, claimed recently that he'd gone straight and was even featured on an episode of The History Channel's "Gangland."

"The world is under my feet.  I have my own security.  I have everything.  You make so much money you don't even want to con them.  I'm not thinking I'm God, but in this city, I'm the one that calls the shots," he claimed on the program.

Chow spent the last few years collecting awards from politicians and speaking to youths. The FBI says he lead his Chinatown gang the whole time and holds a "supremacy" position in the Triad, an organized crime group out of China.

Chow's Facebook page is filled with photos with public figures, and even the occasional upset declaration of leaving his criminal life behind him, such as this one from March of 2013:



He also shows his work with youth, declaring his passion for it.


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