While you may be letting your yard go brown during the drought, some are complaining the City of Sacramento isn't conserving water at parks.

According to the City of Sacramento website, no one is supposed to be watering today.  

The sprinklers were running this morning for hours at Land Park.

As this man, walking his dog says, he see the sprinklers running all the time.

"We're out here every day and we dodge the sprinklers every day," he said. 

A man living in the Pocket area says he sees the same at Seymour Park.  

Linda Tucker with the City of Sacramento says the parks are watered on a different schedule to accommodate use -- no sense in watering on days when the most people visit.

"We're trying to avoid the peak times when people are using the parks," she said.


"We are conserving 33 to 38 percent over last year's usage," Tucker said. 

She says that's despite what you might be seeing.

If you see any water violations, send us a tip at news@kfbk.com