The Fix 50 project starts tomorrow, and when those backups hit we'll all probably wonder the same thing.

Why don't they just do this at night? When there are fewer of us trying to get to work.

Well, for one thing, crews are adding up to four inches of new pavement to Highway 50's deck and with a difference that high, drivers wouldn't really be able to switch between the new lanes and the old ones.

Then there's timing. Cutting out daytime construction would prolong overall project time.

It would probably add a good month to month and a half of construction time depending on the weather, Caltrans spokesman Dennis Keaton said.  

The Fix 50 project is going to be a 24-7 operation. 

Despite any hopes you may have, there will be no new lanes, this is just resurfacing, reinforcing and the addition of taller concrete barriers for new safety standards.