So, why would any American want to join a group like ISIS? Federal prosecutors say it's happening with people like a young Northern California man.

In some cases it may be a mental health issue, as could be the case with 20-year-old Nicholas Michael Teausant from Acampo.  

A Sacramento judge is ordering him to undergo mental evaluations given charges of supporting a terrorist group brought by federal prosecutors.  

In other cases, California Professor Brian Levin is Director of the Center for Hate and Extremism says people are looking for a way to ease pain in their lives.

"Some who've had various stressors in their lives or criminal records get attracted to this movement du jor, if you will," Levin said. 

He suggests use of the Internet by terror groups will create even more homegrown terror suspects, like Teausant, who is do back in a Sacramento court in October.

Teausant being held now in the county jail.