The San Diego County sheriff says nearly 13,000 new evacuation notices have been issued due to a wildfire burning around the city of San Marcos. Sheriff Bill Gore said the notifications transmitted to phone numbers in the area are due to an afternoon flare-up and erratic winds. More than 20,000 evacuation notices were issued when the fire broke out yesterday.

CBS News Correspondent Steve Futterman is in San Marcos near the fire line.

"The flames are coming down the mountain and coming very close to dozens and dozens of homes.  Fire crews are trying to stop the flames from spreading with aerosols.  They've had some success, but these homes are definitely in danger.  Everyone in this area has been ordered to leave," he said.

Fire crews from all around the Sacramento region are being sent down to San Diego County to help with multiple fires that are burning.

Five engines from Sacramento's Metro Fire Strike Team were sent down to bring support in fighting the Tomahawk Fire that's burned over 6,000 acres near Camp Pendleton. 

However Sacramento Metro Fire Captain Michelle Eidam says since there are so many fires in Southern California, they could be sent anywhere.

"They're looking at red flag warnings down there with 100+ degree temperatures like we had here.  Wind gusts that are pretty significant, so there's a huge need for help to get this fire contained," she said. 

Again, all this is just a reminder that conditions in Northern California are no better than how it is in the Southern part of the state so people need to vigilant and aware of any potential threats. 

KFBK just got word late this afternoon that Roseville fire is sending crews as well. A Roseville Fire Department Strike Team is helping fight the Cocos fire in San Diego County. 

Photo by: Getty Images

Footage from the San Diego County fires: