Will you and I be on the hook for the high cost of building California's high speed rail project?

"No, the public's not gonna be on the hook. We're gonna take a fresh look at the high-speed rail," Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg said on the KFBK Morning News today when asked about the battle in the Assembly over paying for the project.

Republicans trying to pass a fiscal accountability bill lost a committee vote to Democrats on Monday.

They insist without Proposition 1A funds, which a judge ruled in November can't be used, California taxpayers would end up on the hook for billions of dollars.

And while Steinberg says no, he also says.

"The questions that are being asked are reasonable questions. Is there enough money to be able to assure that we can pay, for example, the next stage," Steinberg said. 

He says they will take a new look at the costs with an open mind.

But Fresno Republican Assemblyman Jim Patterson says he believes it's irresponsible to go forward with high-speed rail when we don't legally have the matching state funds available.