Gov. Jerry Brown is proposing spending nearly $700 million on a variety of projects that are intended to provide immediate help for communities coping with California's drought.

Assembly Speaker John Perez says most of the funding would be provided to local governments that are ready to move forward with conservation and water recycling projects.

$15 million will go toward communities with dangerously low drinking water supplies and funding will also be set aside for food assistance for farmworkers.

Brown says this round of relief funding will help with immediate needs, but there's likely more to come.

Much of the money Brown wants to allocate comes from a water bond that voters approved in 2006, but legislators are also working on another for the November ballot.

Both the Senate and Assembly have their own ideas about paring down an $11 billion plan.

"And it is our job to produce a bond that the governor will be happy to see on the ballot," Perez said. 

"Whenever you have this thrust in the legislature, you can be sure that results will follow," Brown said. 

Republicans in the state legislature may once again push their own ideas about storage as well.

Congressional lawmakers also have deuling bills in the nation's capitol.

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