With the end of the current session looming, California legislators have approved a number of bills that now await a final decision from Governor Jerry Brown.

The State Senate has passed a bill stepping up efforts to prevent sexual assaults on college campuses.  

Senator Kevin De Leon authored the legislation that would make California colleges come up with sexual assault response policies.

"It's incumbent on men in particular to step up and to stand up, and to do everything possible to change that culture -- a culture that is quite pervasive on our college campuses, and that is a rape culture," De Leon said. 

Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff's measure to require public schools to stock epinephrine injectors for students is also on the way to the governor's Desk.  

President Obama recently signed legislation that rewards states for such policy.

Assemblyman Chris Holden, meanwhile, has a bill to require more complete records on school absences and intervention strategies to determine the effectiveness of school truancy programs.