Would you rather be a mathematician or a newspaper reporter? One of those jobs tops the list as the year's best jobs.

CareerCast has come out with it's annual list of the 10 best jobs and most are math or health-care related.  

To compile the list, they look at income and growth potential, but also emotional factors such as the degree of competitiveness and the amount of public contact, which are both considered negatives.

Factors including physical demands and work conditions like exposure to toxins or noise are also considered. Stress factors, travel, deadlines and physical risks are all taken into account.

The website ranks university professor second, followed by statistician and actuary.

At the very bottom of the list was lumberjack, followed by newspaper reporter, enlisted military personnel, and taxi driver.

Looking ahead, dental hygienist and audiologist have strong outlooks, as well as occupational therapist and speech pathologists.