A Yolo County community is receiving grant money from Cal Recycle for their efforts managing used oil.

The City of Woodland will receive more than $27,000 in funding as part of Cal Recycle's competitive grant process.

Environmental Resource Analyst Roberta Childers says Woodland has a very active recycle program.

"The Yolo County jurisdictions, once or twice a year, have been doing used oil filter collection events," Childers said. 

The city's Environmental Resource Analyst says they have been very successful.

"And they're good ways for us to inform and educate community members about the importance about the importance of recycling used oil," she said. 

Childers says the city will use some of the money to purchase reusable devices that double as drain pans and oil collection containers.  

Very popular with do-it-yourselfers, the containers will be available at future oil filter events.  

Cal Recycle is giving out more than $5.4 million in grants across the state.