The Yolo County Sheriff is investigating an inmate suicide at the Yolo County Jail Thursday.  25 minutes after one guard checked on the inmate, another guard came by, and made the discovery:

"He entered the cell and he observed the inmate had a sheet wrapped around his neck and the other end around a light fixture inside the cell.  The inmate didn't have a pulse, so the correctional officer called for assistance," said Larry Cecchettini.

Cecchettini, with the Yolo County Sheriff's Office, said the 33 year old inmate had been in custody since March 6th for domestic violence charges, but never gave any indication that he was a threat to himself.

"If they make ANY statements about being suicidal or if something is not right, there's a very strict protocol to where they're taken in for observation, they're seen by medical staff, there's a whole protocol," he added.

The death is being investigated by the county coroner and the sheriff's office.