With no place to sleep, no where to go and with no money, a woman, her three grandchildren and service dogs received help from an unexpected source.

After being threatened by another family member, the woman, her three grandchildren and service dogs were forced out onto the streets.

Thinking the service dogs would not be allowed at emergency shelters, she went to a shelter for animals.

There, the animal services staff referred the family to various shelters but none were available.

That's when one employee, Vicky Fletcher, made a phone call to Yolo County Sheriff Ed Prieto, and that was a wise choice.

"When she called me I just felt really sad, that this lady is here trying to take care of her grandchildren and gain custody or guardianship, and had no where to go. So I ended up getting a room for her in Davis, and I gave Vicky a check just to help her out financially. And I promised her I would buy her a tankful of gas to head back to her home state," Prieto said. 

Sheriff Prieto says that act of kindness was something he's used to because that was the way he was raised.

"I was brought up in the world, I use this term "sharing is caring," and I don't do it for any recognition, by the way, I do it because I was brought up that way -- I think it's the right thing to do. I was brought up, you help people in need," he said. 

Even though Sheriff Prieto has never met the woman, or her grandchildren, he says he hopes she passes the act of compassion on to others.