A government reports finds younger and middle-aged people were especially hit hard by the flu this season.

It's been a rough flu season with the H1N1 coming back with a vengence and Dr. Frank Welch at the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals says by the time they collect all the data, he thinks hundreds of people just in Louisiana will be killed by the flu,

"By the time this year is over we will have somewhere upwards of 500 people who have died from the flu," Welch cautioned.

He said that number could climb as high as 600 in that state, and that it's not too late to get a flu shot.

More than 60% of the people who were hospitalized so far with flu this year have been teenagers and middle aged.

"One of the reasons it's hitting younger people hard is that the vaccination rates for young adults, 18-64, is too low," said Dr. Thomas Frieden of the CDC in Atlanta.

He added that as of November, only a third of 18-64 year olds have been vaccinated.  The main strain of flu this year is H1N1, the same strain that caused the pandemic in 2009.