Connor Michalek was diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer at a young age. When he was 7-years-old he made a Youtube video asking to meet his favorite WWE superstar, Daniel Bryan. Back in 2012, that dream became a reality and he got to hang out with him backstage. But that wasn't the last time Connor, 'The Crusher', would get a chance to hang out with his idols. The WWE invited Connor and his family to this years Wrestlemania. He got to hang out backstage, and even got a chance to step into the ring. As Connor and Daniel made their way to the ring, other superstars surrounded the ring and chanted his name. HHH stepped into the ring and allowed Connor to knock him out and pin him. If that wasn't the highlight of his night, he got to witness Daniel Bryan win the WWE Title, and got a personal thank you from him after the match was over. Unfortunately, the WWE announced that Connor lost his battle with cancer. But I'm sure he's up in heaven showing off some of his moves to the Ultimate Warrior.