It's called the I-80 Smart Corridor, it's meant to cut down on your commute and it's set to be finished in 2015.

The commute consistently ranks as the region's lousiest.

Caltrans' next big highway project promises to cut congestion and reduce accidents on westbound I-80.

Why haven't you seen bulldozers, dump trucks and hordes of workers in neon vests and hardhats, though?

"Well, the high-tech signs are probably the most visible element of the project," Ivy Morrison, Caltrans spokesperson said. 

It's not a new ramp or an overpass, it's signs that will soon dot the Richmond to Emeryville stretch.

"Behind the signs are sensors and software, and a lot of things that don't meet the motoring public's eye," she said. 

That technology will give drivers information to help them steer clear of accidents, debris and blocked lanes.

It will even let them know if it would be faster to take public transit.