Rain this week in the valley means snow in the mountains, and that means lots of cash for the ski resorts around Lake Tahoe. The operators of Sierra-at-Tahoe are thrilled to get hammered by storm after storm.

Sierra's Thea Hardy says they rely on more natural snow than many resorts, so they hope it stays cold and these storms keep coming so they can incrementally build their snowpack, which averaged 400-inches at the summit.  "We encourage everyone to come up and check out skiing," said Hardy.  "How Tahoe really should be, that light, airy snow."

Hardy says a "Miracle March" wouldn't hurt either, but they're not complaining, and neither is Squaw Valley-Alpine Meadows at the other end of the lake. They got 2-and-a-half feet from the New Year storm and are also hoping for a lot more snow in the next few days.

tahoe snowman

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