All this rain we're getting is a welcomed sight to a state that's been predominantly dry the past five years or more. Park rangers and water agencies say it's filling up reservoirs in a hurry, so it is already time to open up the Nimbus Dam and let some out today.

Flows along the American River will be more than four times stronger than average, going from 3,500 cubic feet per second to 15,000. Park officials warn that a let up in the rain does not mean the flooding necessarily goes down.

american river dl

Some of the spots prone to flash flooding are already shut down, like the access points at Howe and Watt Avenues, and all fishing islands between Hazel and Discovery Park. 

You also face being arrested if you are caught around the boat launch at Discovery Park and the Garden Highway.  The hard line is avoid having to use resources for accidents that are easily prevented by simply staying on higher ground.