Is he wrong to question authority -- or does student Jeff Bliss have a point?

A student delivers an impassioned critique of his teacher as he storms out of class. For most of history, such a kid might be a short-term hero to his classmates. But in 2013, Jeff Bliss of Duncanville High School is suddenly a viral exemplar to the world. When he went off on Monday, a classmate caught it on a cellphone and posted it to YouTube.

It quickly got picked up by Reddit, PhillyD, Gawker and other arbiters of information for the online generation. The school district's official reaction was not to discipline Bliss but to offer private and public reminders that there are other ways to make a point. “He makes a number of valid statements about how classrooms across America need to change, and we view this as an opportunity to have more conversations about transforming our schools to better meet the needs of our students,” the district said. The teacher has been put on administrative leave, not for what was said on the video, but for what might have lead up to it. Read the rest of the story.