Fallon Fox was born a man, and in 2006 decided to undergo gender reassignment surgery along with the supplemental hormonal therapy. The fighter decided to go pro as a female in May of 2012.

Fox is scheduled to fight on April 20th in the semi-finals of CFA’s women’s featherweight tournament. Her participation in that event is currently being held up due to an investigation by Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Fox has admitted that she never disclosed her transgender surgery or any other medical documents because she was never asked for any.

No one has come out and said that Fox should or should not be allowed to fight as a woman against other women. The fact is men and women are born differently. They have different genetic makeups, and for the most part men can be physically stronger and faster.

Being born a man may give Fox an advantage against her fellow female fighters. So, what do the commissions do? Let her fight? Or only let her fight against other men?

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