You may have heard that the Kings have the No. 8 pick in tomorrow's NBA Draft.

However, you may not have heard about "Crowdsourcing."  

Analytics are not new to local sports fans -- just think of the A's and Billy Beane.

However, the Sacramento Kings are taking it to the next level, utilizing nine rabid NBA fans from around the country who are diving into the data to decide what to do with the pick.

"I'm looking forward to what you guys got today, because frankly and candidly, it may be crazy, but I'm actually thinking about trading this pick in what I think is a really good draft," said Kings GM Pete D'Alessandro on a Google Hangout with the nine NBA data geeks.

And don't bother calling D'Alessandro as his cell phone is probably blowing up with trade opportunities.

If the Kings keep the pick, think Marcus Smart, Doug McDermott or Nik Stauskas.

Famous No. 8 picks in the draft include the Kings own Rudy Gay.

Here's the full video providing an inside look into the Kings draft selection process and "Crowdsourcing."