I overheard someone at the store a few weeks ago talking about Daffodil Hill. After asking around, and doing a google search, I decided it was worth the 90-minute ride from Roseville, so I packed the family up last weekend and made the trip out to Volcano...and boy were we glad we did.

Flowers as far as the eye can see

The farm only opens to the public for about three weeks a year, when roughly 25 percent of the flowers have opened. Admission is free, but a word of caution...get there when the farm opens its gate at 10am. By the time we left, traffic was backed up for more than a mile.

Daffodil Farm-it's worth the drive

Don't bring your pets, and make sure you check the forecast before you go. The farm is closed during wet weather.

A sure sign spring is here

The ranch is celebrating it's 140th anniversary this year, so you can expect crowds on the weekend. Their Facebook page suggests coming to visit during the week.

You have just a short time to see these flowers

Look closely and you'll find daffodil flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors.

Flower colors are amazing