If you use Facebook, the social network probably knows your political leanings. Now you can look up whether Facebook thinks you are liberal or conservative.

The New York Times published an article about how Facebook apparently gathers the data from what you like and comment on to figure out what kind of ads to throw your way. However, in the process of aggregating that information, they can determine whether you are liberal, moderate or conservative.

For example, if you like Hillary Clinton and Ben and Jerry's, which has taken a liberal stance on some social issues, you might be classified as a liberal, while if you like Donald Trump and Chick Fil A, a known Christian company, you may be called a conservative. Campaigns actually use this information to target audiences with their messages.

All you have to do to find out what Facebook thinks you are is use this link (it works better on desktops) and it will bring you to a whole list of topics and publishers that you like. Under "Lifestyle and Culture," there is a preference that says "US Politics" and in parenthesis, it says where you stand on the political spectrum.

DISCLAIMER: It may not be 100 percent accurate, considering you may have "liked" something from a friend that may not actually say anything about your politics and it could confuse the system.