Want to feel more connected to the Commander in Chief? Now you can use Messenger to contact him or you can relax to his summer playlist.

If you have ever wanted to send a note to President Barack Obama, now is your chance. You can now contact the White House using Facebook Messenger.

Whether you want to tell him a concern, a funny story or just give him a verbal pat on the back, the White House says Obama reads 10 letters every night and they help keep him in touch with what is happening around the country.

Last year, the White House hired a Chief Digital Officer for the first time and he says this new method of communication is to compensate for the fact that face-to-face time with the president may be more difficult now than it was much earlier in the nation's history.

Meanwhile, President Obama has released his Spotify summer playlist for the second year in a row. There are songs for the daytime like the "The Man" from Aloe Blacc as well as some Jay Z, Prince and Sarah Bareilles. Then there are some nighttime jams featuring artists like Janet Jackson, Fiona Apple, War and Miles Davis.

Check out his full summer playlist here.