Everyone in Bachelor Nation will be happy to know that the new Bachelor will be revealed soon, and this time it will be announced on Twitter.

Mike Fleiss, the producer and creator of the popular dating show, "The Bachelor," is teasing the anxious fan base about the man who will be the subject of the next season by tweeting a hint every day until he eventually reveals the next contestant on Twitter.

This is a little unique because frequently in seasons past, the next contestant has been announced at the finale of the previous season.

Luke Pell and Chase McNary are thought to be the top two contenders for the role, but Pell seems to be the favorite heartthrob among fans and rumor mills after this happened on JoJo's season of "The Bachelorette":

So far, Fleiss has hinted that Bachelor Nation will be happy with the producers' choice, and that this man likes sunrises more than sunsets.

Maybe it is a coincidence, but Pell has been known to Instagram a sunrise or two.

#mondaymorning #nofilter DAL↗️BNA 🌅 #sunrise

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Fleiss has not said when the reveal will be but he said it will be either after the Olympics or after he gets 100,000 followers.