Ever wish there was a little more quality control for the posts on social media? Twitter thinks so, and that is why they are announcing a quality filter.

This is an attempt on Twitter's part to reduce abuse and harassment on their social media platform. If you choose, you can have Twitter filter out tweets from suspicious users or people that exhibit suspicious behavior so you do not see them.

For example, you have probably seen those newly created accounts that still have the egg as their profile picture and they just troll people, saying mean things under the blanket anonymity. That is something Twitter is on the lookout for.

The company also announced a new notification setting that would make it so you only see notifications from the people you follow, reducing the spam of notifications you may get from strangers.

These features were initially introduced to save celebrities, athletes and other verified accounts from abuse since the constant harsh criticism drove many people to leave the social network, but now the filters are being rolled out universally.

Here is how to activate the settings: