It turns out that you can tell who sees the world through rose-colored glasses by their Instagram filter. A new study links certain filter choices to a healthy or unhealthy state-of-mind.

Researchers say the filter through which you see life is the same that you use for your Instagram photos. They looked at almost 170 case studies and found that users with with darker, less saturated, bluer or grayer Instagram photos were more likely to be depressed. Their computer programs were able to pinpoint depression with 70 percent accuracy, sometimes even before the patients were clinically diagnosed.

Instagram Valencia

While those who are depressed preferred the darker hues, and filters like Inkwell, which is black and white, those with a healthy state of mind were more likely to use filters like Valencia, adding and emphasizing brightness, color and saturation.

In addition to the color difference, those who are depressed were more likely to include faces in their photos, but fewer of them, showing that they may not be engaging socially as much as those with a healthy mental state.

Researchers believe they may be able to use this information for early-detection in the future.