It's not every day you open an email and it's about someone you know that begins with: The United States of America vs. Matthew Keys.

Matthew is my friend from when he worked in Sacramento, Calif. He was the web editor for the local Fox TV affiliate. I am the news director for the local news radio station KFBK. We shared a love of news and social media. The U.S. Attorney in Sacramento handed down the indictment against Keys on Thursday. Imagine me at work and seeing your friend's name listed on an indictment in an email from the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Keys currently works as a deputy social media editor for Reuters in New York City. They immediately contacted me for comment. I was reluctant, but told Reuters reporter Alistair Barr that I was friends with Matthew and have always known him to be accurate in his successful news Twitter feed @TheMatthewKeys. I added: "I trust him."

The calls, texts and emails came in quickly, from New York to San Francisco. Wow! Did you hear about Matthew? Many of us in the Sacramento news community were very proud of Matthew. He went from leaving a local, small TV affiliate here to working in New York City for the international news service Reuters. He was an inspiration to other journalists of what they could achieve with hard work.

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