KFBK Outdoor Show with Bob Simms

Bob has worked in the media his entire adult life, starting with KXTV Channel 10 in Sacramento when it was still a CBS affiliate. His duties included studio cameraman, film editor and eventually production photography. He shot and edited all the station's documentaries and for three years, hosted an outdoor segment for the evening news. Of course, he shot the video for that as well.

After a brief stint in sales with KROY radio, he joined KRAK Radio a Sacramento country radio station.

Continuing his sales career, Bob also produced and aired 21 outdoor reports a week. He joined the KFBK sales department in the mid- 80s, accepted an offer from Sacramento Magazine to sell ads and write an outdoor feature each month, then became the general sales manager for KHYL-FM for three years. He rejoined KFBK in 1990 as the State's first radio outdoor talk show host and just celebrated his 24th anniversary with the show.

Bob was born in Sacramento and became interested in the outdoors by sneaking over to the American River against his parent's wishes. He became an avid fisherman and hunter and acquired a curiosity that hasn't been satisfied to this day, always needing to know what's "over the next hill."

It's doubtful anyone knows Northern California better. He has a passion for California history and often passes on little known facts to his listeners.

Bob has always lived in the greater Sacramento area and now resides in the hills between Shingle Springs and Coloma.