Hey there.  Sorry for the lack of update last night, our website went down when I had the chance to put this thing on here.

Yes.  This thing.

ANYWAY, here's what's on my mind tonight, we'll talk about these and the rest of what's out there (including that fake sign language dude at Mandela's funeral)

1) So no matter where you fall on the gun control spectrum, you HAVE to admit this is ridiculous.  The TSA confiscated a sock monkey's tiny toy gun in St. Louis.  Click here for the story.

2) So you've probably heard the slightly irritating term, "selfie" recently with all the hooplah regarding President Obama at Mandela's funeral.  Well what do you make of this?  A woman decided during a lot of commotion happening while a man was threatening suicide via a leap off the Brooklyn bridge decided to turn around and snap a quick one with both of them in the shot.  Click here for that.