Plenty to talk about like always, but if you're reading this on a tablet.......say maybe on the throne, you'll have plenty to do right here too.

1) Funny video #1?  Cute little kid's first time through a car wash!


2) It's an oldy, but man is this a fun video to watch.  A man and his young son will AMAZE you with their synchronized drumming (video shot outside a cubs game a few years ago)


3) This one's even older (and he had a "web redemption" on Tosh.0 a few years back too), but it's still great.  This kid gets a tongue lashing from his mom who has a bit of hilarious racism in her critique of his break dancing.


4) Perhaps she was just talking about this dude (seriously, this is pure insanity to watch)


5) Speaking of unbelievably talented people, this guy sings the song Let It Go from the movie Frozen as about 100 different DIsney characters.


6) I can't begin to tell you how much I love this.  Can I just take this moment to say, congratulations!  You made it...


7) Let's take a left turn.  You ever wonder what 600 students sound like singing Anna Kendrick's "When I'm Gone" in a Gaelic representation?  Well starting in 4 minutes you can say you have!


8) This is just a really neat thing this fellow did.  I may have had my fun with homeless folks in the past both while subbing for A&G and whatnot, but this is pure heart by this kid.


9) Finally?  Not a video.  Just a simple, easy, link.  These are 15 images of women doing dumb stuff.  There are so many examples of GUYS on the internet doing dumb stuff that this may or may not even things out a little.  CLICK HERE!