Hi there.  Pat Walsh here.

I'm back, and I've got a LOT we'll be talking about tonight.


- mom jailed for breatfeeding while drinking

- girl booted from school for supporting friend with cancer

- man clubs girlfriend with anger management book

- don't chew glass while riding a tricyle

- latest on Malaysian airliner

- extremely rare mustang found


As far as neat digital playthings.........look at this........or I'll get mad.

1) FRANTIC WEATHER PLAY BY PLAY DUDE!  (some NSFW language there)


2) Got this from Brittany Gatt, it's video of one of last night's twisters in Placer County!



3) This might be the COOLEST find at a garage sale (also the most bizarre, considering) I've ever seen.  Click here to check it out.

4) This Ohio area firefighter proposes to his ladyfriend during a staged school fire drill.  Gutsy move, brah!


5) Maybe all this good will in Ohio is why Dayton has made it to the Elite 8?  This kid was raised freakin' the right way, and I'd like to shake his little hand.