You see that?...

You see all them?...

That's 20 freakin' years of sports press passes.  I'm wearing them like Mr. T wears his gold, just to see if my spine would crumple like a newspaper under the weight.

Yeah.  I'm okay, but..........

That's a lot of press passes.  (If you ever decide to do 20 years worth of sports reporting, make sure you don't get the lanyard twisted becau..........

you know what?  Let's move on...)


- World Trade Center Cross controversy

- 15 Minutes of Fame/when it's over

- Hillary Clinton too old in 2016

- and we'll talk about the video below (#4 to be specific).



1) Dachshund vs. Inflatable Shark video. (more info here)


2) Extreme Tree Huggers.


3) Drunk Guy Dancing at Willie Nelson concert


4) Prankster gives homeless man "winning" lottery ticket.  (If you don't get a little misty eyed at the end of this, you are not a human being.  Click here for background info)


5) Korean Baseball Fight.  I don't know what else to say but what.....the........Fahrvergnügen?